Sleep Bset

Sleep Bset

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Personalise the Bset sleep set by choosing the bedside tables that best ensure the identity of your suite.Also adjust the dimensions of the headboard and soummier to ensure the necessary space in the room. Control the bedside lighting via its two switches and customise your built-in socket by opting for a standard format or a socket with two usb ports.


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Bset is born with the purpose of affirming the versatility of metal, through a set of unique pieces based on the essence of the plan, designed to integrate any space, regardless of its style, creating unique environments, generated by its formal coherence.
Bplan wanted, with the creation of the Bset line, to continue to ensure the customer as a participatory element in the design of their pieces, given the possibility of choosing the two colours that can integrate them, based on a range of suggestions made by the brand.
This new product line is a more sustainable collection, given the reduction in consumption levels of the materials needed for its packaging and consequent optimisation of its transport, creating the possibility for the customer to reduce their ecological footprint.
The line keeps the prefix b in its designation as a reference to the brand that gave rise to it and highlights the possibility for the customer to have a unique experience with the brand, being able to carry out the assembly of the products chosen by himby adding the term set to its name.


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